Craft Raw Materials and Product Management Services

Approved by the State Council in 2017, China Crafts Group Co., Ltd. was integrated into China Poly Group and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Poly.

China Crafts Group Co., Ltd. is the Chinese representative of UNESCO World Crafts Council. It is the chairman unit of China Arts and Crafts Association and China Toy and Juvenile Products Association. It plays an important role in leading, driving and influencing the development of the industry. It is the Vice President of China Gold Association and the council member of Shanghai Gold Exchange. It has the right to import and export gold jewelry and silver and owns the only laboratory in China that is recognized by the CIBJO. It is the main shareholder and chairman unit of Shanghai Diamond Exchange and it is the main shareholder and chairman unit of China Arts and Crafts Exchange. The main business of China National Arts and Crafts Group Co., Ltd. is divided into four sections: precious metals, arts and crafts, international trade and asset management. Precious Metal Plate Company was honored for its “Special Contribution of market Stability” during the COVID-19 pandemic by Shanghai Gold Exchange in May. It ranked first in the comprehensive strength of China’s arts and crafts industry for many years, and has successively undertaken the “Diamond and Gem Boutique Museum” of the National Trade Fair. It Participated in many international business activities such as the international trade fair and the Belt and Road Summit and has signed many trade contracts with partners. In 2019, the total assets, operating revenue, net profit of China Crafts Group Co., Ltd. was RMB 21 billion, 63.8 billion and 220 million respectively.


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